Stijn Peeters


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My name is Stijn ([stɛin]). I am a PhD student with the Ego-Media project at King's College London. I am trying to make sense of how we express our identity online. Before that, I graduated from the New Media & Digital Culture MA programme at Utrecht University. I also wrote a thesis about the history of social media, and what we can learn from it. I like thinking about what happens when people use computers.

Things I do that aren't academic

  1. Assorted WordPress templates

    Het Oostblokboek, Media of Tomorrow, various other sites that are private or no longer online

  2. Fuzic

    eSports viewer numbers and rankings

  3. CSScan

    Google Chrome extension (no longer maintained)

  4. Jazz2Online

    Long-running Jazz Jackrabbit fansite; CMS coding

  5. DTP and design work for various student magazines

    Offline publications, mostly

  6. WebWhatsApp

    Web-based WhatsApp client (no longer works since WA changed its protocol)

Texts I've written (that are academic)

  1. "Stay Connected: A genealogical investigation of the history of social network technologies"

    Master Thesis, September 15 2013

  2. "The IRC Paradigm: An alternative approach for alternative social networks"

    Research report, May 08 2013, Institute of Network Cultures

  3. "Open source alternative social networks: empowering users or same old?"

    Website article, Apr 25 2013, Institute of Network Cultures

  4. "Beyond distributed and decentralized: what is a federated network?"

    Website article, Mar 19 2013, Institute of Network Cultures

  5. "Flying under the radar: digital dissidence through cypherpunk means"

    Paper, Jan 25 2013, "Technopolitics: Networks and Spaces"

  6. "Power Law gone topsy-turvy: The darknet"

    Essay, Jan 11 2013, "Technopolitics: Networks and Spaces"

  7. "The protocol of pretense: magic markers in multiplayer online arena games"

    Paper, Nov 16 2012, "Game Studies"

  8. "The beauty of the byte: towards an aesthetic model of demoscene intros"

    Paper, Nov 7, 2012, "Software Studies: Code and Images". Published in New Media Magazine #7: Digital Visual Culture 2.

  9. "Utopieën worden steeds cyberder: Cyberspace als utopisch platform"

    Collaborative Bachelor Thesis, Aug 15, 2012

  10. "Het leven als reis door de ruimte: Representatie van spatial narratives in het tijdperk van de phoneur"

    Final Bachelor Thesis, Jun 22, 2012